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그래픽 디자이너
Graphic Designer

Jane Doe

+82 10. 9439. 6830

    Daegang Poster Festival, «Picasso Love», 2019
    More Than Less, Asian Cool, «쿠zzz», 2019
    Daegang Poster Festival, «Youth of Note», 2018    
    Typojanchi, Mohm, «The Universe I live in», 2017
    Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, «Boundary», 2017
    Dankook Univ. 27th graduate exhibition, «graduation», 2016
    Dankook Univ. 27th graduate exhibition, «Pilm», 2016
    Typojanchi, A City without ( ), «Paper City», 2015
    Etteda, «Infinity», 2014
    KT&G sangsangmadang, «About books», 2013
    at typography, «At works», 2013
    Dankook Univ. Ding 13th, «Road View», 2012
    Dankook Univ. Ding 12th, «Post-it», 2011

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    Talk Session, Hovering, 2018
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